Subject Re: RE: [firebird-support] Maximum Concurrent Connections that Firebird would allow - Email found in subject
Author Mark Rotteveel
> > I would like to know the maximum concurrent connection limit for
> > Firebird 2.0 superserver and classicserver on Windows 2007 server.

DK, Windows 2007 does not exist, so what Windows are you using?

> Separately, there may be limitations at the OS level. IIRC, Windows only
> supports 1024 TCP connections.

The default limit on Windows XP is 5000 open TCP connections IIRC and that can be increased by adjusting a registry setting. I assume that a server OS allows more by default.

If the connection is made from Windows XP Professional, or Vista Home SP1 or earlier, it could be that the 10 half-open connections limit applies, and DK is creating connections too quickly.

Another thing could be a virusscanner and/or firewall that is blocking the connection.

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