Subject Dirty tricks, was Re: [firebird-support] ALTER INDEX etc.
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:48 AM 10/02/2010, Alec Swan wrote:
>When I posted the original message I
>received a strange email (in Spanish) containing the following link:
>Does this mean that this is a bug and your team is working on it?

LOL, "our team" is the Firebird Project, not Yahoo's security.

What we have here is a person in Brazil who has hijacked the email identity and is phishing the list's posters to get you onto his paid "support service", whatever that might turn out to be. I (for one) am not willing to try.

By tracing through WhoIs, I discovered that the culprit (the owner of the domain) is someone called Ramon Araujo Oliveira, whose own email address is presttec@.... Unfortunately, at list-admin level, I can't connect it with any subscriber on the firebird-support list.

I am preparing an abuse ticket for the Yahoo administrators but, until there is some response, all we potential victims can do is send these emails to trash, unfortunately.

In the meantime, I am very keen to hear (privately) from anyone who knows Ramon Araujo Oliveira.

^ heLen ^