Subject Slow initial connection
Author amacprogramming

I have a problem connecting to an old Firebird 1.0.3 Server.

I use a connection string like the following "localhost:D:\someData.fdb".

The connection takes approximately 10 secs. After the connection is made, everything works fast.

Ok, I've read about the system restore issue, so i changed the file extension to *.fdb, I also checked accessing the database lying on a partition that the system restore is not even activated for. Still no luck!

I'm using a Vista Home Edition and Firebird 1.0.3 installed as a service. I'm also only accessing a local firebird installation via tcp/ip. Any clues as to why the initial connect is so slow?

The initial connection is also as slow when i use isql to connect.

Is there a known issue with this old release or must that come from some wrong configuration or network problems (Would be weired as I'm using the localhost)?

Any thoughts on this?