Subject Firebird Embeded in use by desktop app, slowed way down by other program--Why?
Author Chuck Belanger

I would like someone's opinion on the following or at least let you all
know about what I experienced with a client:

Using Firebird Embedded 2.1
In Vista with a desktop application.

A user started experiencing greatly reduced DB access causing many
simple processes (select a dataset and then DO WHILE NEXT through it
then calling other SELECTs for each record) to be up to 10x slower.
Since no other users were experiencing this problem, I suggested that it
may be some other program or process/service that may be the issue. Sure
enough when he rebooted in Startup mode, the program worked at the
expected speed.

After selectively isolating the offending program, he found it was Blue
Tooth software in the startup.

Does anyone know why this software would affect the database so
dramatically? Are there known types of software that can do this? Other
people's experience?

Thank you,

Chuck Belanger
Richmond, CA