Subject Corrupted index
Author Milan TomeŇ° - Position
Hi all,

I've problem with indexes in my DB. I did a full validation of DB and it
returns 8 index errors. I looked into the log file and all of them
belongs to table STREETS (it contains like 50+ millions records). So I
deactivated all indices and dropped PK. Then I did full validation again
with no errors. So next step was to recreate PK and activate all other
indices. When it finishes I ran full validation again and there were
again 8 index errors. Error message in log file is "Index 1 is corrupt
(missing entries) in table STREETS (155)".

I'm running Windows 2008 R2 server, Firebird, ODS 11.1

I also tried to backup and restore my DB, but restore failed with
"unable to allocate memory from operating system" message.

Thanks for any help

Milan Tomes