Subject Re: [firebird-support] info about firebird.msg
Author Carlos H. Cantu
You probably have the Firebird key set in your Windows registry,
pointing to FB 1.5 instalallation directory. Utility (ie: gstat) first
check the windows registry, and if it finds the key, it will search
for firebird.msg there (and in your case, will find the firebird.msg
of FB 1.5).

In FB 2, there was a change in the way the messages are formatted in
firebird.msg file, so the fbclient.dll from FB >= 2 are not able to
"understand" firebird.msg from FB 1.x, that's why you are getting
"wierd" messages.

Firebird Performance in Detail - -

>> Afaik, they are. If you have no firebird.msg available, you will see
>> messages, but in English.
>> Seems that sequence is: try to find firebird.msg file and get messages
>> from there. If file is not available, use internal (hardcoded) message
>> (in English).

P> Unfortunately, that's not quite true. I have a setup here which
P> demonstrates it:

P> - Windows
P> - Firebird 1.5 SuperServer running as a service, installed using the
P> installer with default settings
P> - Firebird 2.1 SuperServer running as a service, installed from the ZIP
P> file by hand (firebird/docs/install_windows_manually.txt), with default
P> settings except that a different service name and different TCP port are
P> used

P> Run a 1.5 GSTAT on a 1.5 database: You get a proper statistics.

P> Run a 2.1 GSTAT on a 2.1 database: You get statistics where most of the
P> strings are garbage due to missing messages:

P> can't format message 21:6 -- message system code -4
P> Database header page information:
P> ...
P> Variable header data:
P> Sweep interval: 0
P> *END*
P> can't format message 21:7 -- message system code -4
P> can't format message 21:9 -- message system code -4
P> can't format message 21:10 -- message system code -4
P> can't format message 21:11 -- message system code -4
P> can't format message 21:12 -- message system code -4
P> can't format message 21:13 -- message system code -4
P> 0 - 19% = 0
P> 20 - 39% = 0
P> 40 - 59% = 1
P> 60 - 79% = 0
P> 80 - 99% = 31035
P> ...

P> Set a FIREBIRD variable to 2.1 directory, THEN run 2.1 GSTAT on a 2.1
P> database: Proper messages all the way.

P> Actually, I am quite baffled why this happens: I would understand it if
P> the server only sent a message code and parameters and client
P> application located the message in firebird.msg, but apparently that is
P> not the case - because if it were, most of my clients would not display
P> any messages at all because they only have the fbclient.dll available,
P> no other Firebird part. On the other hand, if server is doing the
P> lookups in firebird.msg, I just don't see why it doesn't use the
P> firebird.msg file in its directory (after all, unlike the clients it
P> knows which directory it is).

P> Pepak