Subject Hanged up transactions
Author Ramiro Barreca
We are having a lot of problem with hanged up transactions in our FB 2.1.1
There are many apps that appears as STARTED during several minutes (even
hours) even though the client app is not performing tasks, or it has been
closed. It happens with IBExpert, too, after just a select is done and not
Checking the stats it appears as the OAT while the NEXT one is far more
I need to know if there is a server parameter to manage this idle
attachments or really finished but appears as STARTED.
Is there some other recommendations to the development team to manage
transactions better to avoid this problems.

Our platform:
Windows 2003 server R2
FB superserver
client apps: VB, Delphi, IBexpert
around 500 concurrent clients.

Ramiro Barreca

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