Subject Using a batch file to run a nightly bakup using GBAK
Author SoftTech
Greetings All,

Firebird 1.5 (Still)

I have a batch file that will be called by the Windows Task Scheduler that
would automatically backup the database each night.

This will be run as a task directly on the Windows File Server.

The batch file contains the following:

FOR /F "tokens=1-5 delims=/, " %%i in ('date/t') DO SET MMDDYYYY=%%j%%k%%l
cd C:\Program files\Firebird\Firebird_1_5\Bin

gbak -v -t -user SYSDBA -password xxxxxxxx
D:\Sys\Frontline\Coll\Database\CollDaily%MMDDYYYY%-1.bak 2000M
D:\Sys\Frontline\Coll\Database\CollDaily%MMDDYYYY%-2.bak 2000M

Note I replaced our actual password with xxxxxxxx above...

Can anyone tell me why this batch file does not work?

Does anyone have a working example if this is not correct?