Subject Effect of Rows X TO Y
Author Marius Labuschagne

I want to find out from the experts what the effect of ROWS X TO Y is on
the speed of a query.

In my tests it seems that when implementing this, you gain significant
speed increases in the query execution speed, but I don't want to just
believe my results.

When implementing a query like the following

select SKU, ShortDesc
from Stock


select SKU, ShortDesc
from Stock
ROWS 1 TO 30

on a technical level, is the second query really supposed to be much
faster than the first?

I make use of this in the development of a Smart/Client application with
Client Data Sets, and am utilizing the ROWS x TO y to accomplish
pagination on the Smart/Client application.

Logically it seems that the query needs to be executed in full, before a
result set is returned, but looking at my performance tests, it looks
like the query stops its execution as soon as it has satisfied the ROWS

Please can someone comment on this?


PS. There is no issue to be resolved in this post, only a requirement
for more information. I am very impressed with the speed of this.