Subject Replicating on local DB server table
Author emb_blaster
hello all,

I have this scenario: Theres some tables (small ones with like 10K records average, but common lesser than that), in my remote server in a LAN. I need replicate them in another local Database, so local tables will look like server table. All tables have a simple PK, so its easy to use them. What i need is some ideas to do that only using SQL. Things that i thought:

A) Delete * from LOCAL table. Insert all from Server in just one transaction. Easy(iest?) way to implement, lot of work to local FB. :)
B) Do a lot of inserts in a GTT (on Commit delete) of the local database. Use Merge to merge the tables and then use a NOT EXISTS clause to delete ones that are not in the local GTT.
C) ???

thanks for your time, ideas and advices. =)

Best regards,