Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Creating a view into Firebird DB: "unable to complete network request to host...
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:51 AM 17/12/2010, drjimwalsh1 wrote:
>The path to the database is specified in the ODBC Firebird Data Source as \\<servername>\C:\Program files\<VendorProgFolder>\<VendorDataFolder>\<dbasename>.tgd.

Asking AGAIN - is that "\\<servername>" anything at all other than the network node name of the server that is hosting the Firebird server AND the database? It's easy to get confused, given that Windows uses the same syntax for both "mapped" servers and NETBEUI nodes. How about you totally abandon the idea of using NetBeui and do a clean TCP/IP connection.

>I have admin rights on the server, so I have full access tot that path and the database file itself.

It's not about what you have "full access to". It's about resolution of the network address for the network protocol you are choosing to use.

>I still think something that I am doing is crashing the Firebird Server. It happened every time that I tried to "Save" the View in VFP.

Out of ideas, sorry. But DO establish that you really are not trying to connect to any virtual, mapped or subst'ed (or otherwise non-physical) host or drive.

>I am not connecting to a network share, or a drive on the client mapped to a share on the server. However, as I mentioned above, I am trying to connect from a client computer using ODBC to the Firebird server and database on a different computer in the network.

Can you ping the server from the client...that is, have you actually established that the client and the server NETWORK NODES can see each other?