Subject Re: Creating a view into Firebird DB: "unable to complete network request to host...
Author drjimwalsh1
Helen, Again, thanks for your follow-up. My comments inline below.

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> >2. From interbase.log - It is not clear. Since other people were accessing Firebird before and after I did, although not while I was using it. There are Client messages reporting that IBserver.exe terminated abnormally (-1), and then Guardian messages saying that it is starting ibserver.exe. I will need to repeat the tests to see if I can track specific messages to my access.
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> >Any other thoughts?
> A couple more -
> - you are not, by any chance, trying to attach using a bad path syntax in your connection string, viz., d:mydata\mydatabase.gdb instead of d:\mydata\mydatabase.gdb (note the missing backslash in the first example)? Windows lets you use that bad syntax but it has evil effects on databases under Fb 1.0.x.

Remember, I am connecting to the Firebird database on the XP Firebird Server from a Win7 computer using a Visual Fox Pro 9 "View", which is using a Visual FoxPro "connection", which is using a a Firebird ODBC driver. The path to the database is specified in the ODBC Firebird Data Source as \\<servername>\C:\Program files\<VendorProgFolder>\<VendorDataFolder>\<dbasename>.tgd. I have admin rights on the server, so I have full access tot that path and the database file itself.

I still think something that I am doing is crashing the Firebird Server. It happened every time that I tried to "Save" the View in VFP.

Your response did trigger an idea, i.e. instead of using a VFP View, use the CREATE VIEW command directly and see how that works. I will give that a try when I get a chance.

> - you are not, by any chance, trying (at some level) to connect to a network share, a SUBST or *anything* except a totally plain, local path?

I am not connecting to a network share, or a drive on the client mapped to a share on the server. However, as I mentioned above, I am trying to connect from a client computer using ODBC to the Firebird server and database on a different computer in the network.

> - is it possible your systems are being backed up by a software utility that does file-copying? That's a no-no. If that's happening, could be just your bad luck to have been connected to a database at a time when a physical part of it got hit with block locks by such software.

Since I schedule the backups, I know that is not happening.

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