Subject Re: I have trouble with 2 things
Author rockyoh73505
>Remote computer needs the Firebird client installed (along with a >few other things). Make sure it is fbclient.dll that is actually >loaded and not a stray interbase client in your system directory.

>Make sure you know the host name of the computer that is running >Firebird server and that has the database.

>From the remote computer, the connection string syntax is
> Read the Quick Start guide! it is all in there.
> >and second question is that I am trying to use the GUI instead of the shell in window 7 enviroment.
> >I have rapidsql as well as IBConsole..... But I cannnot achieve connection between firebird and these programs but my 2 computer using firebird get the connection.... Is there some kind of thing I have to it or is it better for me to use other programs???
> RapidSQL should work - provided you use the correct connection syntax.
> IBConsole - forget it. It is a fairly dumb tool for InterBase, not Firebird. It works with the InterBase client gds32.dll. (You can generate fbclient.dll as gds32.dll using an option in the installer but the ibconsole program itself is not Firebird-aware).
> There *are* better tools, many of them free. FlameRobin ( is the easiest to use for a newbie. Fairly full list at

Thanks bunch ^^.... Well at least I know how to commit........
But I guess I still have to work on the connection part...