Subject I have trouble with 2 things
Author rockyoh73505
First of I am thankful that this site is up and I am grateful for all your help and support.
Anyway here to main topic....

First trouble I have is that I am trying to save the data by
" insert into test value('ID1', 'Young');
and when I exute this command it shows but when I quit and write
"sql> select * from test" all I see is
"sql> " that is it, it seems as though the data has disappeared..
is it something I have done wrong or am I forgetting something???
It will be super helpful if I could get the help on changing the data from remote computer as well... ^^;;

and second question is that I am trying to use the GUI instead of the shell in window 7 enviroment.
I have rapidsql as well as IBConsole..... But I cannnot achieve connection between firebird and these programs but my 2 computer using firebird get the connection.... Is there some kind of thing I have to it or is it better for me to use other programs???

Thank you........