Subject Firebird embedded for Linux and deploying application
Author Petr Hlozek

I'm developing app ( which uses Firebird 2.1
embedded as a database. I tried this how to and it works very well:

But it is very uncomfortable to have all libraries and program in user's
home directory. Another problem is, that my app cannot be packaged into
RPM/DEB and have to be used only from home directory.

I'm trying to use my program in Linux way, so my app binaries in
/usr/bin, libraries in /usr/lib and user's data in his home directory,
but I still don't have success. I tried to use google to find out if
there is any way how to use embedded version this way but didn't find

Is there any way how to use embedded version of Firebird and have user's
data in their home directories? Maybe because of trees I can't see the
forest. Could anybody help me, please?

Thank you!

Petr Hlozek

Using Ubuntu 10.04, Firebird embedded 2.1.3 (it's in repositories),
Lazarus 0.9.28 with UIB components