Subject [firebird-support] Re: V2.1.3 Faster than a speeding bullet
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Hi Peter!

> vw_XtnddUmpires vXU
> vXU.UmpID <> 0
>Order by
> vXU.FamilyName,
> vXU.GivenName,
> vXU.UmpID

No reason why this should have vastly different performance on Firebird 1.5 vs 2.1. Probably vw_XtnddUmpires is a view and the reason for the time difference is partly due to the view definition. So, please show us the view definition(s).

>I am unaware of how to determine the Plans being used

I'd just copy the statement to either of your tools, prepare it and post to the list the plans it then creates (one for Fb 1.5 and another for Fb 2.1). With DBW, that is done by pressing F2, copy the query and then press Ctrl+F9 (at least on my computer, the plan is shown below the place where the result set would come if you'd opened the query).