Subject V2.1.3 Faster than a speeding bullet
Author Peter Bailey
Hello Firebird supporters

I recall, (I think), that V2.1 is expected to be about 40% faster than
V1.5, so I am very curious about some test results that I have generated.

The scenario is that I have a Delphi program that generates an XML file
from a Select Query.

Linking to fbembed.dll (gds32.dll) gives the following execution times
for the Select Query:
V1.5.5: 437 seconds
V2.1.3: 0.078 seconds
That makes V2.1.3 aprox. 5,600 times faster than V1.5.5!

Fantastic numbers for V2.1, but why is it so?

It may be relevant that the FB database is "small" — 6.5MB — and
therefore could easily be loaded into RAM, (4GB). The database structure
is ODS 10.1.

Thanks for any information.