Subject Re: [firebird-support] Database versions
Author Jesus Garcia
> First, I don't know which InterBase or Firebird version your database is.

It is Firebird 1 dialect 1

> After that, extract the metadata from the database. Then set isql to
> Dialect
> 2 (this is a client-only dialect) and run the metadata file in isql. You
> will
> get warnings and errors for everything that needs your attention when you
> make the migration. With that list, you can start working on the necessary
> (or desired) changes. You shouldn't set the database dialect to 3 before
> you have solved every potential problem.

I have run gfix -sql_dialect 3, then extrated metadata and i have created
the database from metadata without errors and warnings. Do that mean that i
can change the database dialect without pump the data??

> TIMESTAMP (old DATE) is an 8-byte field and (new) DATE and TIME are both
> 4-byte fields. I don't know the internal representation (once did, but
> forgot) but that's not important for the migration.

Are you sure are stored as 4 byte?. I have one domain for PK of type
integer, and if i try to change the domain from integer to bigint, the
engine raises an error, but if i try to change one domain of type timestamp
to date or time, no error is raised.

Thank you
Jesus Garcia


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