Subject Re: why does our firebird servers process list look like this
Author crizz11
seems to be chewing up a large chunk of the firebird servers ram with all these connection as part of the connection pool. When me move to 2.5 and 64bit we will give the server more than 4gb of ram and hopefully this will no longer be an issue

--- In, "Mark Rotteveel" <Avalanche1979@...> wrote:
> > SAP are saying that the amount of connections created in this connection
> > pool is something done by the ODBC driver on the infoview server and not
> > something determined by the Business objects server. Is it possible to
> > configure the firebird ODBC driver to make less connections in the connection
> > pool or is it something built into the code of the driver? I had a look at
> > the ODBC settings for the firebird driver and it doesn't look like anything
> > like that can be configured.
> I don't know enough about InfoView, but I would say this is nonsense. JDBC datasources are almost always using pooling, and some googling shows that InfoView normally does use connection pooling.
> As far as I know the Firebird ODBC driver does not use pooling at all (BTW: why are you using ODBC, and not the Jaybird JDBC driver?).
> But even then: why do you consider this to be a problem?
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