Subject Cannot restore mend-ed database
Author Milan Babuskov

I have a corrupt database, which I cannot backup. I run gfix -mend, it
seems to report that it's ok, but I get a weird error message when
trying to backup:

root@datafields:/baze# /opt/firebird/bin/gfix -mend fix.fdb
Summary of validation errors

Number of record level errors : 2
Number of index page errors : 2
root@datafields:/baze# /opt/firebird/bin/gbak -b fix.fdb fix.fbk
gbak: ERROR:I/O error for file "/baze/fix.fdb"
gbak: ERROR: Error while trying to read from file
gbak: ERROR: No such file or directory
gbak:Exiting before completion due to errors

However, the file is there. I checked dmesg and messages, the system
does not report any problems with the hard disk. I even tried to copy
the file to another computer, without luck.

I tried to copy the data to an empty database, but select on one of
crucial tables fails.

Any ideas what to do next?


Milan Babuskov

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