Subject cannot attach to password database
Author Michele Federici

I've a strange problem with a fierbird 2.1.3 installation (SS) on
Windows XP 32bin with AMD processor at 64bit.

Installation is gone fine, but when I try to connect to employee db (or
any other db) I obtain "cannot attach to password database".

I followed firebird tips on but without resolve
the problem.

Firerbird.log contains these errors
COM4 (Server) Mon Nov 08 17:00:34 2010: operating system directive
CreateFileMapping failed
COM4 (Server) Mon Nov 08 17:00:34 2010: unknown Win32 error 193

So i checked vccrt8_Win32.msi package. It's installed and I have
Microsoft.VC80.CRT.manifest/msvcp80.dll/msvcr80.dll in [firebird]\bin

I've the same files in


System contain some other msvcp*.dll files like msvcp90.dll,
msvcp71.dll, msvcp70.dll, msvcp60.dll, msvcp50.dll,

Have you Any ideas?

Thank you

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