Subject Firebird Embedded connection failing on 1 computer
Author Guillem Vicens
Hi all,

To be honest, I am not really sure if this is a problem with Firebird
Embedded or the Zeos components I use to connect to it. If the problem
lies in Zeos then please accept my apologies for asking in this forum. I
also asked in the Zeos forums, but no answer so far. :-(

I have created a little app that connects to Firebird Embedded (dll
version using Zeos 6.6.5 stable version components. It
works nice when executing on my developing machine and another 2
machines I have tested, but on the deployment machine my app simply can
not connect to it.

Things I have done:

- The Firebird dll is renamed to fbclient.dll (Zeos requirement). This
works fine in the three mentioned machines.

- In the same directory as Firebird dll I have following files:
firebird.conf, firebird.log, firebird.msg, icudt30.dll, icuin30.dll,

- The Firebird database is in a subdirectory of the directory where the
DLL is. Can this be a problem? As I said, it works just fine in 3 of 4

- the path to the Firebird database is established on runtime. Hostname
is left empty in the connection.

Things I have tried (with no luck so far):

- Setting the Firebird.conf RootDirectory parameter to the path where
the DLL is.

The error I get is "Unable to complete network request to host"", which
is kind of strange since I deliberately do not establish the hostname in
my connection component.

Thanks in advance for any hint and sorry again if you feel this is the
wrong forum for this question.

Best regards,

Guillem Vicens