Subject Re: I can't get error messages after install FB 2.5 beside FB 2.0
Author Wade Auchterlonie

Using the FB2.0 client doesn't really solve the problem.

What is happening is FB2.5 client looks for it's message file, but the first
place it finds it via the registry for the DefaultInstance installation of
FB (which will be your version 2.0). When it finds that, it then uses the
message file it finds in that location.

As you can imaging, with multiple FB versions installed and several
applications all wanting to use a specific fbclient.dll, this is never going
to work.

Possible solutions:

(1) Remove the DefaultInstance registry key. FB does not need this to
operate. However, if you have any applications that examine the registry to
find this key so they know where to load flclient.dll then removing the key
will break them. With this key removed, the algorithm that fblcient uses
will skip to the next step where it will look one folder above itself for
the msg file.

(2) Use the environment variables FIREBIRD and FIREBIRD_MSG. These are
prioritized over DefaultInstance registry key. However, if you set these
globally then they will affect all FB instances. If you set these variables
to work around this awful registry prioritization then you should do it in
your application using SetEnvironmentVariable()

Why awful? Becaue the fbserver algorithm is to look in its own folder
structure not at DefaultInstance, but the same rule does not apply to

BTW, other problems you will see with your setup are:

(a) command line tools (g.g. GBAK) will also not find the correct message

(b) if you have changed the IpcName in firebird.conf when you changed the
RemoteServicePort (and you probably should have) then FB server will use
this setting (it looks one folder above itself for firebird.conf), but again
fbclient.dll will not read the correct firebird.conf because it is looking
at the file pointed to by DefaultInstance registry key. Hence, if you make
no change to the way you have this configured (other than setting the
IpcName) and do an xnet connection to FB2.5 from FB2.5 client it will fail
because fb2.5 cleitn reads firebird.conf from your 2.0 installation because
of the DefaultInstance registry key.


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