Subject I can't get error messages after install FB 2.5 beside FB 2.0
Author marc_guillot

I have installed FB 2.5 in port 3051 in my server beside a previously installed FB 2.0.

It works perfectly well, I can use both of them with no problems.

But I have screwed up all error messages. Now I never get a descriptive message, instead I get strings like :

I/O error during "@1" operation for file "@2"

I want to maintain both servers (FB 2.0 & 2.5) but I need to retrieve descriptive messages, it's a nightmare to develope being blind (I can't see what fields or tables provoke the errors).

Normally I use FB 2.0 client against FB 2.0 server (port 3050).

¿ What can I have done wrong ?.

Thank you.