Subject Re: Firebird for Nokia N900
Author marc_guillot
Thank you Lester.

Yes, it's very easy to develop for the N900 (and to port old applications).

I don't want an always connected requisite. I prefere a local database (24 hours available and full speed access) and a replication mechanism.

I suppose I will go with SQLLite on the phone application and Firebird on desktops.

A Firebird Embedded for phones OS (iPad, iPhone, Android, Maemo/Meego, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, ...), will be awesome, I hope someday someone could do the port.

Thanks again.


--- In, Lester Caine <lester@...> wrote:
> marc_guillot wrote:
> > I would love to install Firebird in my phone N900 (a Firebird Embedded at least).
> Do you need it ON the phone?
> Mine runs nicely as a thin client to the main server ... wireless network when
> at home, and over the phone network when I'm away ... just a different theme for
> the web pages.
> I've not had to write anything for the N900, but I do find that it is a fairly
> clean Linux distribution and so it should not be too difficult to develop for it?
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