Subject RE: [firebird-support] Custom SYSDBA in Applications
Author Alan McDonald
> In addition to our own programming (Delphi 2010 and Firebird 2.1) we
> have purchased PC based equipment that has also installed and used
> Firebird.
> All of our programs (internal use only) either use a trusted login to
> the databases, or a user name based on the Windows login name used.
> The SYSDBA login is used only for database changes, backup/restore
> sequences, etc.
> We currently have one 3rd part program where the program logs in using
> SYSDBA using a bespoke password (a cable checker controlled from a PC).
> We were able to change the SYSDBA on our main server to be able to have
> all 'working' databases on the same server.
> We are now faced with a second company doing the same thing. Is there
> an easy solution (other than loading firebird onto separate servers for
> each such application)? Not buying the associated product isnt an
> option.

you could run a separate instance of the FB server on the same machine but a
different port, The application to which you refer would need to accept
servername/port as part of the connection string.