Subject Client Application that must access FB 1.5.6 and FB 2.5
Author Eduardo A
I have a client server set up with a client (written in Delphi 2007) that must be able to communicate with both a Firebird 1.5.6 server and a Firebird 2.5 server.

How can I get the same EXE to "see" and use both servers?
Do we need to have two FBClient.DLLs (one for each version) and some INI file?

So far, the application works OK with each server if deployed at each server.

Once we place it at a true separate client station on a network, it does not access the 2.5 version with the FBClient from 1.5.6. We must be doing something else wrong as it does not work even when we change the FBClient DLL to the new 2.5 version (or with GDS32 dlls generated by the new install).

Thanks for your help.