Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Memory settings
Author Leyne, Sean

> > Additionally, Win2008R2 SP1 includes a new dynamic memory manager to
> > address some of this problem.
> It says I have Windows Server Web SP2 in "System" and I think I know it's Win
> 2008. 2008 R2 - is it a free upgrade or what?

Win2008R2 is a free upgrade only if you have software assurance, otherwise you need to buy a new license (no upgrade pricing).

> OK. But I have default (that line is commented out in firebird.conf), so that
> would mean 75 pages = less than your suggestion. I would be raising to 500,
> not reducing... So...?

Don't do it. ;-)

> I'm going to try these new setting (were previously set to default =
> commented out):
> # Trying to reduce file system cache usage.
> MaxFileSystemCache = 262144
> # We've got very few connections, so allow it to use # a bit more than default
> 8 Mbyte.
> TempCacheLimit = 67108864

Personally, I haven't used these settings.