Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Memory settings
Author Kjell Rilbe
Leyne, Sean skriver:
> What does "Peak Working Memory" read for the FB processes?

Peak Working Set is 10932 K so about 10 Mbyte. Far from 8 Gbyte...
The client FlameRobin has 32496 K. No process has more than 336496 K as
peak working set.

Still it's used up all physical memory and if I disconnect FlameRobin,
it drops to near the bottom in the diagram "Physical Memory Usage
History", but the numbers in the "Physical Memory" box still says Cached
7481 Mbyte and free 102 Mbyte. That discrepancy is a bit confusing,
isn't it?

> I suspect that you are running into a known problem with the Win2008 x64
> file cache manager -- when you start working with a large database file,
> the OS wants to keep it all in memory which results is a lot of page
> writes as the OS tries to free memory for the file cache.
> There is an utility "Set_Cache.exe" which is available on the
> SysInternals site which will allow for the amount of memory used by the
> file cache to be limited.

I'll examine that. Thanks!

> Additionally, Win2008R2 SP1 includes a new dynamic memory manager to
> address some of this problem.

It says I have Windows Server Web SP2 in "System" and I think I know
it's Win 2008. 2008 R2 - is it a free upgrade or what?

> If you are using Classic, reduce your FB cache size to about 500 pages
> per process at leave the rest to the OS.

OK. But I have default (that line is commented out in firebird.conf), so
that would mean 75 pages = less than your suggestion. I would be raising
to 500, not reducing... So...?

I'm going to try these new setting (were previously set to default =
commented out):

# Trying to reduce file system cache usage.
MaxFileSystemCache = 262144

# We've got very few connections, so allow it to use
# a bit more than default 8 Mbyte.
TempCacheLimit = 67108864

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