Subject SQL 'DeNormalization' approaches
Author Rich Pinder
Hi all,
Though not solely a FB thing, I always appreciate the quality responsesI
get from this list (and I remain a loyal, and quiet, FB aficionado !)

I'm looking for a good reference to get me started crafting up a set of
canned SQL select statements which will help 'convert' a multi'table
normalized view of data, into the more simplistic 'One Record Per
Individual' approach that many of my research users prefer. These users
who request this are primarily SAS users. (SAS SQL exists, but not
pertinent to this discussion !)

A simplistic overview of the challenge is:

Name Table (One record per person)
Address Table (One to N records per person)
Phone Table (0 to N records per person)

1 record per person - with serialized columns for the various address
and phone values:

ID FirstName LastName Add1 Add2 Add3 Phone1 Phone2 Phone2 <etc>

Thanks for any experience you can provide !
Rich Pinder
USC School of Medicine