Subject Gbak utility
Hi All,

I have a question regarding firebird in combination with gbak.

I created a program to fill an empty database (through embedded firebird) with roughly 150000000 records.
As a last step I set some indices to the database.

To implement a tool that uses embedded firebird which reads the database from a network share I need to have a read-only database.

I do this with the gbak-utility (create backup, and then create read-only database from that backup), but this process seems a bit inefficient.

I assume that the backup made of a database does not contains indices, but these are recreated when creating the database from the backup (this takes about 6 hours with my database).

To summarize:
Fill database
Set index (takes about 6 hours)
Create backup (which removes index)
Create database from backup (which adds the index, again 6 hours)

So the index is created twice.
Is there a way to improve this? F.e. by putting a inactive index in the database that gets activated at the create database from backup?