Subject Re: [firebird-support] I can not attach to remote server
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:42 AM 29/01/2010, Djordje Radovanovic wrote:
>I was messing arround with services on my laptop and after that I could connect to remote database server.

Could NOT connect?

>Message that I received is telling me that remote machine actively refuse connection what is look like firewall but other WS could establish connection with no problem.

What services were you messing around with? local firewall? Anti-virus? The Firebird client does not use any service except the remote pieces of TCP/IP.

>If I try Communication Diagnostics with IBExpert TCP/IP test with port 3050 is succesfull but connection to database is not. Same message on every server I tried.
>Where did I go wrong with service that made my laptop unusable for Firebird?

Try to say which service[s] you messed around with and what you did.

>Yes, one more clue, the only program what could make connection is "Sinatica Monitor for Firebird". That program could connect to any server I tried and all others could not.

Tell us about the other programs. What are they and what was the connection string you used in each case? And what was different about the connection string you used for Sinatica Monitor?

Note, any connection string that tries to access a database via a network mapping won't work.

Tell us also
-- what Windows OS is running on the server and the laptop
-- which Firebird version and model is running on the server
-- which version of fbclient.dll is being accessed by the faulting programs

Also check whether

-- you installed the appropriate MSVC runtimes on the laptop (depends on version of client library, read release notes)

-- you have a program on the laptop that has installed a rogue client library in the system path, intended for use with an InterBase server. A clue would be finding gds32.dll in the system directory...where the "Company" entry in the property sheet is not "FirebirdSQL Project".