Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Problem in connecting to a database
Author Milan Babuskov
townman99 wrote:
> 2)Pinging localhost and 3050

You cannot ping 3050, it is not a host it's a TCP port. Anyway, ping
works using different protocol (ICMP) and there are no ports in ICMP
protocol, so it doesn't even make sense.

> 3)Have added the port 3050 to the exception list group (for local network) in the Firewall (though I would like to know whether I should select TCP or UDP in this dialog box. I have left the default option TCP remain selected so far).


> 3)Have ensured that the Firebird service is running. I can see the instance of fb_inet_server.exe in the Process tab of the Task Manager.

This means you are using Classic and not SuperServer. Maybe you should
try installing SuperServer version and see if that works for you.

> 4)Have copied the file fbclient.dll to the FlameRobin's executable path.
> 5) Am able to connect to the database from isql.

How exactly? Using localhost: prefix or not?

> I am hoping that this issue can be resolved now. BTW, I would be grateful if you could suggest a better (and free) alternative to FlameRobin.

Well, both Database Workbench and IBExpert have freeware (not open
source) personal versions, so you can try that. Although I believe you
will have similar problems because access via TCP/IP is not working.


Milan Babuskov

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