Subject Connection String question - - embedded
Author rickgeorge88

I have tried various ways of connecting (Google) to an embedded firebird database and I just can't seem to get the connection string correct. Such as:

Using conn As New FbConnection("Server=localhost;User=SYSDBA;Password=masterkey;Database=C:\data\MyData.fdb")
End Using


Dim connectionString As String = "User=SYSDBA;" & "Password=masterkey;" & "Database=MyData.fdb;" & "DataSource=localhost;" & "Port=3050;" & "Dialect=3;" & "Charset=NONE;" & "Role=;" & "Connection lifetime=15;" & "Pooling=true;" & "MinPoolSize=0;" & "MaxPoolSize=50;" & "Packet Size=8192;" & "ServerType=1"


Dim connectionString As String = String.Format("User=SYSDBA;Password=masterkey;Database=MyData.fdb;ServerType=1")

Dim myConnection1 As New FbConnection(connectionString)


I must have tried at least a dozen different ways and all of them have failed. The last two -above- failed with a 'BadImageFormatException'.

What is the correct way to format a connection string? I have tried variations of the stringbuilder, but it too fails,

Is there a 'local' shorter version for the connection string to an embedded database?

For instance SQLCE uses |DataDirectory|\MyDatabase.sdf... where you don't have to give the full path.