Subject Is there any explanation.... Firebird 2.0.4 vs Firebirds 2.0.5 and upper
Author djolessy
I have application that works over 3 years with no major problems.

App is written in Clarion for Windows 6.3. It is connected with firebird over ODBC.
Until this year server was Firebird 2.0.4 and ODBC driver is
Server is Linux Trustix 3.0 and all in all it works too without any problems. There is about 50 client online during workday. Some of them are connected through Remote Desktop Server (about 8 of them).

After this new year I installed 2.1.3 Firebird on same server. Data from database was pumped out from old server into new server so there was no problem with ODS and non ASCII chars. Everything looks well but in first day of exploitation database clients after one hour hangs. First one and then all other clients with my application hangs. The only way to recover from this problem is to restart database regularly. After that it is starting to hangs in shorter and shorter period. And as we reaching the end of workday only two workstations were able to work for approximately 20 minutes before they hang. I call this first hour "Golden Hour". Than I read on IBSurgeon site that there is so called "Morrning Database", but mine was not, and now it is not again.
I have to admit that IBExpert client or DBWorkbench client could connect and retrieve data from database but my applications could not. Not even if I try completely new connection. Only things I noticed is Isolation Level, my application connected with "Read Committed, no Record Version" and those two clients connected with "Read Committed, Record Version".
Whatever I do things was not going any better. Then I retreat to Firebird 2.0.5 and problem still persist. I was in chaos, my client was in chaos and in some lucky moment I found Firebird 2.0.4 on same server and reinstall it.
After that all my problems are gone.

Is there any explanation? What was so dramatically changed in Firebird between 2.0.5 and 2.0.4?

Djordje Radovanovic