Subject FireBird cann't open port 3050
Author pcplayer99
Hi, everyone.

I have a machine with win 2003 server and FireBird 2.0 Server installed.

and I have some program I writed by my self to access FB with localhost connection, and it work fine for tow years.

But it has had problem recently. Before I got this problem I just install MySQL and PHP on this machine but I donn't think there has any relations with this problem.

My problem is:

One day, I found that my program cann't connect FB. My program run with FB in the same machine, it always access FB with localhost connection and works fine for tow years.

So, I check this machine, type [Netstat -nao] to view if FB is runing on port 3050,and I can see that my program has connected to port 3050. But it cann't access FB any more.

I shut down the Service of FireBird 2.0, type Netstat again and I can see that the connection of my program with port 3050 is broken.

And I start the Service again. Service start success, and I type Netstat -nao again, I cann't find any process using port 3050, there are no process bind 3050.

and I view FireBird.log, it says:

Unable to complete network request to host "lm-2uvrwl3ym3o4".
Error while listening for an incoming connection.

So, I reboot 2003 Server, FireBird work fine again.

When I wait one day, or tow day after reboot 2003 server, FireBird cann't access again!

This problem has occur again and again many times.

Any one has some idear about this kind of problem?