Subject Re: [firebird-support].Unavailable database - locally running GBAK problem (Server 2003 update problem)
Author Rich Pinder
I applied a number of things all at the same time (same time things
broke). Sorry I can't tell which caused the trouble.
The culpret was one of these:

Security Update 2003 (KB974318 )
Security Update 2003 (KB973904)
Hotfix for Windows Server 2003 (KB976098-V2)
Update for Windows 2003 (KB973687)
Update for Windows 2003 (KB971737)
Security Update 2003 (KB969947)
Security Update 2003 (KB970430)


> Good!
> Are you able to identify which Windows update introduced this
> restriction? I suppose it would be one between the last successful
> scheduled backup and first known to have failed...?
> ./heLen

Rich Pinder wrote:
> To recap, this is what I did:
> Open firebird.conf in Notepad and go to the parameter IPCName. If this
> is configured to use the default, it will be:
> #IpcName = FirebirdIPI
> Remove the '#' comment marker and change this parameter to
> IpcName = Global\FirebirdIPI (Note, it is case-sensitive!!)
> Save the change and stop the Guardian and Firebird services. Restart
> Guardian (or the Firebird service, if you're not using Guardian).
> Restart server
> Thanks all....
> Rich Pinder
> USC School of Medicine
> gbak: ERROR: unavailable database
> gbak: Exiting before completion due to errors