Subject Re: Local XNET protocol with two instances... always take newer versions?
Author emb_blaster

Seems it works wonderfully =]


--- In, "Ivan Prenosil" <Ivan.Prenosil@...> wrote:
> > I installed FB 2.0.5 in my computer (default win32 installation). Later I installed FB2.1.3 zip installation following install
> > guide (the pdf and txt files), that said to use install_super.bat. I installed it with "Firebird_2_1" as service name (without
> > quotes) in port 3060. All its seems fine.
> > the problem is when trying to access local, it always take FB2.1 server but I wanted that it connect to FB 2.0 server instead.
> You can e.g. disable local protocol for FB2.1.3 instance by editing registry informations of the service,
> i.e. add "-i" switch like that:
> ImagePath = "C:\Program Files\Firebird\Firebird_2_1\bin\fbserver.exe -s -i"
> Ivan