Subject Local XNET protocol with two instances... always take newer versions?
Author emb_blaster
Hello all!

I installed FB 2.0.5 in my computer (default win32 installation). Later I installed FB2.1.3 zip installation following install guide (the pdf and txt files), that said to use install_super.bat. I installed it with "Firebird_2_1" as service name (without quotes) in port 3060. All its seems fine.
the problem is when trying to access local, it always take FB2.1 server but I wanted that it connect to FB 2.0 server instead.
Example: I run isql and then do:
connect c:\temp\teste.fdb user SYSDBA password masterkey;
show version;
And it reply me (partialy):
Server version:
Firebird/x86/Windows NT (access method), version "WI-V2.1.3.18185 Firebird 2.1"
Firebird/x86/Windows NT (remote server), version "WI-V2.1.3.18185 Firebird 2.1/X
Firebird/x86/Windows NT (remote interface), version "WI-V2.1.3.18185 Firebird 2.
on disk structure version 11.0

I din't got why, should I have missed some part of docs? Maybe I must not use this type of connection in a computer with two instances?

Well if I stop both services, start FB2.0 first and later FB2.1 server, so it connect to FB2.0. Should I look for start order of the services to change the current behavior?