Subject Re: Problem moving from dialect 1 to 3
Author emb_blaster
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> Hello, i have a database that i'm tryiing to move from D1 to D3. The process, that seems very simply, extract metadata, create a new database and pump date i think is very complicated. The database has 900 tables, 1500 sp, 3000 triggers.
> FB 2.1.3 cs 64bits

first for all, read release notes from FB 1.5.x, 2.0.x and 2.1.x before trying to update. Theres something more than dialect on moving from one to another.

> I have moved the database to dialect 3 with gfix. Once in dialect 3, i have extracted sql and replaced manually in the script date; for timestamp;.

did you backuped-restored it BEFORE extracted the sql? I think you
should... but someone could correct me?

> I have execute isql and i'm getting a lot of strange errors.
> 1. Dynamic SQL Error. SQL error = code -204 Ambiguous field name between table xxxxx and table YYYY FIELD. Both tables has FIELD, master detail.

thats not a strange error, AFAIK, just a error that FB 1.5 don't showed you. Lets see the following select

select FIELD from xxxxx
inner join YYYY on YYYY.FIELD =xxxxx.FIELD

the question is, what field FIELD you wanna select? the one from xxxxx or from YYYY. FB don't know what table. you should correct it specifying what table it is. like:

select xxxxx.FIELD from xxxxx
inner join YYYY on YYYY.FIELD =xxxxx.FIELD

or yet,

select t1.FIELD from xxxxx t1
inner join YYYY t2 on t2.FIELD =t1.FIELD

This can ocurrs also in updates, inserts, or any statment.