Subject Problem moving from dialect 1 to 3
Author jegazarco
Hello, i have a database that i'm tryiing to move from D1 to D3. The process, that seems very simply, extract metadata, create a new database and pump date i think is very complicated. The database has 900 tables, 1500 sp, 3000 triggers.

FB 2.1.3 cs 64bits

I have moved the database to dialect 3 with gfix. Once in dialect 3, i have extracted sql and replaced manually in the script date; for timestamp;.

I have execute isql and i'm getting a lot of strange errors.

1. Dynamic SQL Error. SQL error = code -204 Ambiguous field name between table xxxxx and table YYYY FIELD. Both tables has FIELD, master detail.

2. Invalid expression in the ORDER BY clause <not contained in either an agregate function or the GROUP BY clause>.

My probles is that the lines reported in each message are not correct, because in most cases the line numbers does not exists in the script.

3. i have an UDF dll in the UDF folder. The DLL is not 64 bits. i get one error message UDF_XXXX is not defined, module name or entry point could not be found. After that, i get a lot of messages Statement failed, SQLCODE=-913 deadlock.