Subject Re: [firebird-support] fb 1.5 GSEC on win server 2008?
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:04 PM 4/01/2010, Paul Hope wrote:
>Hello Helen - Happy New Year!
>I tried every combination of localhost, ip address, local address with
>no success. Had the -database defined every time. I hope I can just
>copy a security.fdb from another system and pray that it does not laugh
>at me. I'll come back with more detail if it does. BTY is the 1.5
>GSEC known to work with WS2008?

Yours is the first report I've heard of it not working.

-- Have you attempted to just open the GSEC utility and perform your operations in there?

-- Could you provide the command strings you have tried and say for each what happened (or didn't happen)?

-- Which sub-release of Fb 1.5 are you using?


>Helen Borrie wrote:
>> At 03:13 AM 24/12/2009, you wrote:
>>> Hello
>>> Trying to install fb1.5 on a windows server 2008. All works fine except
>>> I cant change the password with GSEC - it just ignores me without
>>> error. Any ideas?
>> The old Fb 1.x IPServer ("local") connection won't work on Vista and above, so probably not on S2008, either. You should have got an "unavailable database" error, though. Hmm.
>> Try with a TCP/IP connection, remembering to include the -database switch.
>> ./hb