Subject Re: [firebird-support] linux, firebird embedded and $FIREBIRD_TMP
Author Milan Babuskov
Vlad Khorsun wrote:
> Nobody told that users need administrative privileges to work with FB
> embedded v2.5.

As I understand, when FIREBIRD_LOCK is removed, the only "solution" for
multi-user access will be to add user to "firebird" group. One cannot do
that without administrative privilege.

Anyway, I call this "solution" because in such case users will be able
to step on each others toes. When you have a database file which is
owned by a user, and a lock owned by that user, and group has no access,
then only that user has access - and he can run multiple applications on
the same database simultaneously. It seems to me that removal of
FIREBIRD_LOCK will be the end of this feature. Is this true?

However, if both users are members of "firebird" group and group has r/w
access to database and lock, then users can corrupt the database if they
both access it at the same time. Is my understanding correct?

> Such privileges needed only at install time and when
> new users created.

If you have "embedded" application, why would you need to "install" it.
You just unpack it to some directory in your $HOME and run it. With
Firebird 2.0 you don't even need to have "firebird" group on the system.
That's what I call "embedded" database.

Please note that this issue is not so much important to me personally,
but I believe Firebird can stand a very good chance in embedded area and
it would be a shame to lose some functionality we already have.

Milan Babuskov

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