Subject Firebird and CoPilot by Abbott for Diabetes
Author emoretzsky
I am working on configuring Firebird to run over my home network. The application and the database that i am trying to share are called CoPilot. It is made by Abbott Labs and is used to track diabetes data.

My server is XP professional. I am running Firebire 2.0.1 at startup. When I launch the "CoPilot" server softweare on my machine it loads the Firebird Guardian.

I map a drive from my workstation, which is running Windows 7 RC, I can connect to the database view and update the information. The connection is made thru the CoPilot software. In CoPilot on the workstation you change the data directory for the database to your mapped drive.

When I go to close the database I get an I/O error and am not able to exit the program. It gets hung.

I am not sure what I am Missing.

Ideas would be appreciated.

M. Evan