Subject Fw: JPEG Images and BLOBS
Good Day,

I have recently started using Firebird with REALBasic (V2008 R5, on
Windows XP) - connecting through Firebird ODBC, I'm using Superserver
version 2.1.2, dialect 3.

I am trying to store and retrieve JPEG images in BLOB fields, without much
Whilst doing this in REAL (using SQLite) databases in the past presented
no difficulties, I can't get it to work in Firebird. Having read Ms
Borrie's "The Firebird Book" - all thousand pages of it - I'm no wiser.
She puts lots of effort into describing the use of BLOB Subtype 1 fields
to store large blocks of text, but, unfortunately, virtually none on using
BLOB Subtype 0 fields, for storing images or other binary data.
What I need is some simple guidelines on how to store and retrieve JPEGs
in Firebird.

Storing the image, as I understand it, is straightforward, same as any
other data with 'Insert'. However, the image is stored 'elsewhere' and an
ID is generated, as a pointer, but I'm not clear on where that pointer is
put in the record. I have several other fields in the record, such as the
picture title and subject - presumably I must make a provision for the
BLOB ID (what data type would that be?).
Retrieving that image is a mystery to me. It seems to be a 2 step process,
getting the ID and then using that ID to get the actual image back into an
RB Picture variable. I don't understand either step!

Can anyone assist ?

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