Subject Trigger doesn't fire
Author Paweł Świerzko
I have an application written in java, which saves data into firebird
database (classic 1.5.3) .
I needed extend the database a little bit.
The application modifies one field in a table. I wanted to save the
previous value of the field.
So I added a field in the table old_value
and created simple before update trigger:

as begin
new.old_value = old.myfield;
When I change value of myfield in Ibexpert the trigger works and old_value
is updated.
Surprisingly the same operation through java application behaves
value of myfield changes but old_value stays unchanged.
It seems that the trigger is not fired! Is it possible to deactivate
on connect individually for connection ?
I also checked the possibility that the value is not changed but whole
is deleted and inserted with old pk value - i have created before insert
firing exception.
And as previous I can not insert any new record throug Ibexpert
but the application still ia able to change the value of myfield.

Maybe you can explain me what is happenig ?