Subject Re: [firebird-support] Pushing Firebird 2.1 over the edge.
Author Vlad Khorsun
> Hi Vlad,
> The 400Mb is virtual Memory. I'm using task manager to get raw info and sho=
> wing VMSize shows 400Mb. I've tried creating simple app in Delphi and when =
> creating 1800 threads it crashed with insufficient memory yet in task manag=
> er it was showing only 20Mb or less on any memory reporting column. I'm sur=
> e I never seen the memory used by thread creation properly reported in Wind=
> ows using TaskManager.

With 884 threads Firebird can't have 400MB of VM as each tread have 2MB
of stack allocated. So, you are looked at "Mem usage" instead of "VM Size"
column in task manager, or you are looked at "VM Size" but after error and at
that moment there was much less than 884 threads in FB.