Subject Pushing Firebird 2.1 over the edge.
Author Calin Pirtea
Hi All,

I'm creating a big load of connections to Firebird and during a select
statement I reached the memory limit for Firebird. The select failed
ISC ERROR CODE:335544430

unable to allocate memory from operating system

The machine is a VM with 2GB ram and Firebird was using at the time
around 400Mb. However there were 884 threads running in Firebird and
Firebird just froze.

Firebird log shows the following error:
SRVR_multi_thread: forcefully disconnecting a port

The Firebird server is not crashed and the guardian, of course, has not
restarted it.

Should the guardian have been notified somehow or should Firebird have
crashed gracefully?


Calin Pirtea