Subject Re: [firebird-support] Pushing Firebird 2.1 over the edge.
Author Dmitry Yemanov
Calin Pirtea wrote:
> The memory usage is not all that simple because Firebird at the time was
> running 844 threads which, if Firebird is using 1Mb per thread, means 844Mb
> that is not reported by task manager on top of existing used memory.

FB uses 2MB of stack per thread.

> Using 32 bit environment means you cannot have 2000 threads in one single
> process unless the process changes the way threads are started to use less
> memory. I am assuming the default is 1Mb of course. Same goes for connections
> if each connection uses 1 MB.
> My question is, when it got into this state should it terminate the best it
> can? Otherwise it will be left in a non responsive state and no one can use
> the system until restarted manually.

I'd say it should not freeze but should not crash / terminate either,
unless there's no memory even for the incoming packet processing.

Also, I'd suggest to test v2.5 in this scenario.