Subject Change owner or pump data to new DB
Author ainpoissee

An client of mine wanted to upgrade to FB 2.1. Now in order to upgrade ODS he needs to do backup / restore and this fails with "gbak: ERROR:Unable to perform operation. You must be either SYSDBA or owner of the database" error. It seems that at some point he has made backup / restore as SYSDBA, not as the original owner of the DB... how to fix this?

I wanted to pump data into new DB which has correct owner for all the objects etc, but the IB Datapump ver 3.4 doesn't work with FB 2.1 - when starting pump:

Interbase DataPump v 3.4
Format '%s' invalid or incompatible with argument.

Any idea whats wrong/how to fix this or is there some other tool which is as easy to use as Interbase DataPump?